Night’s End

I’ve always found it interesting that as the night ends, the wisps of trailing thoughts find their way to my mind. All throughout the day, trillions of thoughts burst through my head and fade just as quickly as they began. Many linger to repeat themselves but nonetheless they too vanish in light of trivial things such as taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

In any case, when I lay in bed and several thoughts drift back into my mind, I wonder: why is it at that time that the thoughts must return? Why do I seem to think the most when I am struggling in vain to fall asleep? Perhaps I will never know, but I still find it curious.

Now that my book is finished, and all that is left is going over the rough draft, I am struck by a great irony. When I began to write it, I thought, “I’m never going to finish this in less than six months.” At times I would write with a flourish of words and prose but at others I went weeks with not a single letter placed on a page. Now that it is done, I am strangely sad as if I had pushed a great effort into making something and now that it is made, I have lost something. I’m not sure as to what that means, but perhaps someday I will. Perhaps this will lessen as I write more and more.

Well, I think I’ll be off to bed or something else if I cannot quiet my mind 🙂

One thought on “Night’s End

  1. awe (= your way with words rojo, they seem to just flow… they have a very calming effect. and me and you have the same dilemma at night… i too am kept awake by weird thoughts that overstay their welcome lol


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