A Novelist’s Doubts and Worries

Even as I’m finishing up my manuscript, I know that I’ll have to rewrite and rewrite several more times before the book will be completely ready for publication.

Publication! Oh that’s another nightmare that I’m not certain that I’m ready for. I’ve ordered a couple books on the subject but they won’t get here until next week. It’s so completely out of my element that I hope that I won’t mess things up when I query my prospects for literary agents. I do hate that I’m scared of the unknown but there it is. Perhaps it will go easier than I think, and I won’t have to deal with very many rejection letters/e-mails before I land my big break. Then, the agent will have to find a publisher for the book. Even after all of that, I’m not sure if my book will sell. 

Perhaps this is all in my head and it will all be well. I’d like to think that if my book made it that far, it would sell fairly well. I just don’t want to end up as the novelist that no one has ever heard of. I’ll just have to wait and see.

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