Beautiful Words

At my work today, I heard someone say the word ‘opulence,’ and it got me thinking about dozens of words that are so beautiful that they flow off the tongue like a symphony of syllabic magic! Too far? Yea I figured. The point is, there are tons of words equally as potent and precise that people never use.

Opulence: great wealth or luxuriousness

A few others I thought of were these:

Vestigial: with small or trace elements

Iridescent: showing luminous colors that change from different angles

Effervescent: bubbly, vivacious or enthusiastic

Quintessential: most essential

I’m still amazed that after 28 years the English language can reach out and show me how beautiful she is once again. Ah well. Enough ranting. If anyone ever sees this hopefully they will love all the loveable parts of English and love to hate all the loathsome parts of English (will vary from person to person, but the semicolon comes to mind.)

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