At Novel’s End

Well, the novel is finally finished, but far from done. Now I begin the tedious process of editing, revising and adding to flesh out the characters. 

I settled on the title SKIES OF MADNESS after about four more changes since my last title I wrote on here (WARLOCK?). It explains the basic summary of the book without giving anything away.

I’ll hopefully be posting more on here now that the bulk of the novel is done. I’m thinking of writing a novella and a couple short stories to tie into the book about some of the minor characters, but that’ll be after this one is done. Wish me luck.

Oh, and I also found this super interesting article how being tired can make you a better writer, and how incredibly important it is to write no matter the distractions. Great read!

7 thoughts on “At Novel’s End

  1. Daniel,

    I am so excited for you! I'm wondering what the book cover will look like. I am currently organizing ideas for a series which will have spin-off series as well. So I was excited to see that you were planning something similar to that. Skies of Madness sounds awesome. Of course I haven't read the story but it seems interesting from the bit of description you've given here.

    Are you editing your own work or will someone else be looking over it for you? Keep updating us about the novel!

    Good luck with the series!


  2. I am currently in the process of editing and revising myself. When that is done, I will be having someone proofread it. My biggest concern is plot holes, but that's nothing a few beta readers can't fix.


  3. Thank you so much for the interest in my book. I'm sure you know how much it means to me, being a burgeoning author yourself. So thanks.

    I'm debating whether or not to post the cover on here before I publish. Oh well. I have a few weeks to decide that or not.


  4. Daniel,

    Oh my gosh. I get worried about plot holes too. The thing is I have a very creative mind and I find it difficult to stay on task or a particular topic for too long of a period. This can potentially be a recipe for disaster for obvious reasons. Haha.


  5. Of course! I love supporting other writers. I think that it is very important because we undergo many of the same struggles and our minds sort work…differently.

    I actually woke up to this response in my mail box and it made me wonder… I'll ask a few of my writing buddies what they think. I, personally, think that posting the cover can be an awesome way to drive readers to your website! If you aren't already on Wattpad there are loads of people there. Even posting just a summary of your story and a link to your blog can really help!

    Are you on Twitter?

    Sorry. Rambling. Posting the cover sounds good. You can make it an awesome big reveal kind of thing! Or even character sketches if you are an artist or have one. That would be sweet!

    Kyanna K.


  6. Oh. My. Goodness. Yes! Have an awesome artist draw a map of the kingdom. Why am I starting to see this book as a film? Deviantart has loads of artists with amazing talent. You can find someone there. I know a writer buddy of mine commissioned someone to draw her book cover for her from there. I'll follow you on Wattpad and add the story to my library. I am so reading it tonight.

    Because you are going to have Skies of Madness published soon the first few chapters sound great to post on wattpad. They say Amanda Hocking is a millionaire top selling writer and she even posts her stories on Wattpad! Shocking, right?

    I definitely think the Wattpad thing will help get you some readers and get your story out there. They will definitely want to know more.

    K. K.


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