Rising to the Challenge

As I go through the process of revising and editing, I’m faced with a few dilemmas. What do I keep? What do I get rid of? Is this part slowing the story down or is it necessary information? If it is necessary, am I writing it in the best way possible? Is dialogue better than info dumping? Should I just have my character observe all these things? I have to answer all these things so that the story will be the best that it can be. Not just for me, but for the people that will read it. Someday I hope that number will be a million, but for now I’ll settle for anyone that I haven’t met in person. (That means you Kyanna Kitt!)

Each time that I rewrite this book it seems I have more to learn from the process of what makes a good book. I suspect that each time I write a book in the future that I will learn a little more. It’s a good thing. Every writer should always be challenged and learn new things even if he/she are writing in the same genre for decades. It’s a comforting, changing consistency.

One thought on “Rising to the Challenge

  1. Wow Daniel! You're in the home stretch! The hardest part about it all is editing. If your story is anything like the snippet you posted a while back I know that it will be amazing. If you can read your own story and become excited and moved by it others will too! This is going to seem counterintuitive but don't go and delete every aspect just what isn't necessary or even the parts that are too telling. I am very excited about this story because it's a quest but from what I read I am sure what to expect which is a good thing!

    I think you learn more and more about writing by writing more and especially by reading more.

    Kyanna K.


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