Developmental Edit (Part 1)

So I finally found a good editor and just received my first half of the developmental edit. Seeing as it has been read by about fifteen people now, I was surprised that she found things that are glaringly obvious. How could I miss those?!

He made his way in the direction of the shout. After a few moments of dodging the traffic of mages and witches[AG1] , Keiron reached the boy.

 [AG1]This is the first mention of witches. Are they different from mages?

It was upon reading this comment that I realized that I had completely forgotten to explain the differences in classes of magic users. Thankfully, this will be corrected, and I’m glad that this wasn’t published with such an erroneous lack of clarification.

I was beginning to lose faith in finding an affordable, reputable editor, but I think I finally have. Not only has she renewed my faith in the editing process, she has made me realize how indispensable editing is to the entire manuscript.



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