The End of Nanowrimo (For Me)

I really meant to write more blog posts about Nanowrimo since this is my first time really trying it out, but life happens. I’m sure all of you know what it’s like to get busy with all the festivities and with work.

Anyway, this year was a rousing success. It’s just barely Thanksgiving, and I’ve completed 45,000 words. Though the sequel to Skies of Madness will most likely clock in at around 80,000 words, I am certain that the last 5,000 words will be easy to fit in on the remaining days of November.

That being said, I don’t think Nanowrimo is for me. It’s great to have such great motivation that others are right here with me–typing madly to get to that blessed 50k word count. However, it didn’t suit me very well as a writer. I felt almost panicked when I didn’t get my word count in and quite frankly the whole word count thing just seems so pedantic. I’m more of a ‘write a chapter/scene’ sort of person to feel a sense of accomplishment.

For instance:

Example 1: Guess what? I just finished my 1,667 word quota for the day!
Example 2: Guess what? I just finished the scene where my protagonist meets his nemesis for the first time.

To me, that 2nd example is far easier to get excited about, and that’s what gets the writing done. It’s not the daily word count or even monthly quota. The whole point of writing is to tell a story. If a book is only 49,000 words but tells a full story without all the fluff that a 70,000 word novel might, I would rather read the 49k word novel.

When I pick up a book at a bookstore, I’m not looking at it like, “Oh, this looks like it’s 80,000 words. That’s so interesting! I must have this book!”

I guess to sum up, I won’t be doing Nanowrimo anymore. It’s great if it motivates you or someone you know. Fantastic! Keep the writing going! But it’s not for me. I know what works for me and I’ll stick to it.

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