Sequel Trilogy


Awhile back I mentioned that I had written 40,000+ words of the sequel to Skies of Madness. However, it just won’t pull together. So, I wrote out a new outline with a completely different storyline. I hope that there are people that loved Skies of Madness. Some are shipping Keiron and Nysana hard. This is gonna piss them off.

Such is the life of a writer.

The story holds together in a far more centered way. My idea before was to continue right where we left off at the end of Skies of Madness, but I couldn’t do that. There was so much that had to happen and it really didn’t have anything to do with the sequel. Even with the new storyline, it wouldn’t work because I would have had to write out a quarter of the book just about Keiron and then jump ahead two years to be with all of the other characters. So, I decided to just explain what happened at the beginning of the sequel. Maybe one day I’ll write a novella detailing what happened. For now, this will do.

I’m very excited to be writing the sequel especially considering it will be part of a trilogy. I will be giving you all 3 Spoilers about the first sequel so you can wonder what it’s about.

Spoiler #1: Keiron has a new love interest.

Spoiler #2: Nysana will be the first to encounter the new enemies.

Spoiler #3: The undead feature heavily in this story (not just zombies)

You really get to see that there is further fallout from the events of the Battle of Mt. Draconis. The dragons have been weakened and that leaves dark creatures with little resistance to start a reclamation millennia in the making.

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