Alternates and Revisions


Am I the only writer who constantly takes the story back to the drawing board? I’m not talking about cutting out a few parts–no! If my story were a body, I’m talking about removing everything but the skeleton, and then slicing it in half. Names, places and vague themes are there, but other than that it’s all different.

Don’t get me wrong. They are good changes, and I feel that the story will feel more real, connecting with the reader on a more human level. That’s what I want out of a story, to feel as strongly as the protagonist and believe that everything in the story is actually happening. That’s what I want for someone reading my work as well.

Anyway, I’m revising Skies of Madness and some part of me just wishes a rogue dragon would drop out of the sky and burn me to a crisp. Barring that, I’ll continue with writer’s madness and hope that I’m not alone in my predicament.

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